• Krysta-Lee

Stowaway Vintage in Cherry Valley, Prince Edward County

If you know me you know I love vintage items.

I love that they hold a previous life. I like to imagine their previous owners, their adventure, and their secrets. The saying "they don't make things like they used to" is very true in many ways including with clothing. Plus - it's good for the Earth!

I don't often get the opportunity to "get weird" on a video project so this was the perfect opportunity. Melanie and I are both fans of David Lynch and Dario Argento and channelled some of those vibes with a dash of John Waters.

Strange things lurk beneath the surface of Cherry Valley.

Behold the Summer of Love with Stowaway Vintage.

In collaboration with:

Melanie from Stowaway Vintage

Nadia of Bubble & Squeak Vintage.

Katy McIntrye

and featuring: Shannon, Alison, and Cecilia.

Featuring music by Glass Candy


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