tales of rural life

Explorations of rural creativity, rural resilience, and rural genius. 

Come all ye storytellers and help spin a tale of history and mystery and lessons in time. Of places here and long forgotten, of folklore and myth, or that ghostly story Uncle Jimmy used to scare you out of your wits!

Seeking: local stories of place + time + history + intrigue.


From a proposal, to a party, to a dispute, to a crime.

Its the stories we carry that connect us through time. It's stories that teach us, delight us, and beseech us. It's stories that warn us, inspire us, and implore us. 



Tales of Rural Life, Ontario Canada

We are looking for interesting stories and unique facts from around Lennox and Addington County and Prince Edward County. 

From grand stories to personal family tales. From poetry, personal descriptions of the 'essence' of a place, to factual tidbits, to local lore. The information will be gathered to figure out the direction and scope of this project and to document and express the stories of rural Ontario life in all its vibrancy and complexity. 

Historical narrative and unique details encouraged. 

Particularly looking for stories around:



Camden East


Particularly interested in talking to ageing populations and documenting their stories of changes over time and of local knowledge nearly lost. 

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It doesn't have to be complete:

Just an idea.

A starting point. A favourite building, trail, or a feeling you get from a special place. 

A detail you cherish that can be added and expanded upon. This project will require a variety of voices - starting with yours!

Thank-You for your tie!